Wednesday October 18, 2023

8:00pm – 10:30pm

Welcome Reception

Join industry professionals over handcrafted food and drinks as we kick-off the first ever Safety Codes Council Summit!

Share an evening of networking with experts in the safety codes field from all corners of Alberta. Build your contacts, learn from experiences and build your career success through opportunity.

Our team will be there to answer any questions you may have, and share in what you can expect at the first ever Safety Codes Summit.

Thursday October 19, 2023

7:00am – 8:15am

Registration and Breakfast

After checking in with Council and registering for the day, pull up a chair, share in a nutritious buffet meal and enjoy a java amongst your peers.

Kick off the first day on a positive note!

8:15am – 9:30am

Kick Off Session

Energize your day by joining our keynote speaker as they discuss the hot topics in Alberta’s safety codes environment.

9:40am – 10:40am

Breakout Session #1


The Safety Codes Council is excited to partner with Alberta Building Officials Association (ABOA) to the Safety Codes Council Summit 2023. ABOA will be assembling for their annual general meeting, and we look forward to hosting them!

CAN/ULC-S561:2020 - Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems

Join Justin Mansbridge as he discusses the fire signal receiving centers and systems, in relation to CAN/ULC-S561:2020. Understand the importance of ensuring installation and monitoring of systems is meeting industry standards.

CSA B149.3 Field Approval: An Industrial Contractor’s Perspective

Join Justin Trupp as he discusses the fields approval of fuel-burning appliances and equipment pertaining to CSA B149.3:20. Learn about the requirements for portable appliances, generators, compressors/pressure boosters, engines and turbines. Discuss the risk-based program for determining requirements for an appliance in a complex and integrated facility.

The Future of Solar and Storage

Join Ed Knaggs, as he discusses the rapidly growing solar and storage market and how this industry is adapting. Learn about the progression, technology, codes, and the standards as they attempt to catch up to this evolving energy market. Discover the affected standards and regulations and what the future of solar and storage is going to look like in the future.

10:40am – 11:00am

Networking Coffee Break

Participants gather together over coffee and snacks, sharing in learnings.

11:00am – 12:00pm

Breakout Session #2

AMA Electrical Technical Session

This joint Alberta Municipal Affairs electrical workshop is going to explore the Alberta electrical codes and discuss electrical updates in the industry.  Gregg Marshall will share a brief refresher on the Alberta Electrical Utility Code, while Provincial Electrical Administrator, Kevin Glubrecht reviews Energy Storage Systems and speaks on electrical updates in the Alberta safety codes environment.

ATCO's Hydrogen Project

Committed to achieving Canada’s net zero by 2050 goals, ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. has undertaken several decarbonization projects. ATCO plans to commission North America’s first 100% hydrogen home and commercial buildings in late 2023/early 2024. Examine the strategy, planning, and execution that ATCO is undertaking related to design, construction, change management, and public engagement to make ATCO’s hydrogen projects a success.

CCMC Compliance with the Building Code

Join Jason Urquhart as he discusses how the Canadian Construction Materials Centre evaluates innovative construction materials for compliance with the Building Code. He will also give an overview of current initiatives for at the National Research Council for climate change adaptation and mitigation within the NRC’s Construction Research Centre.

Smooth Moving for all Ages and Abilities

This session will provide participants with some basic knowledge of Universal Design (UD) by discussing what it is and why it is so important.  Discuss the seven principles of UD including real world example of the good, the bad and the ugly. Gain insight on the policies, guidelines and other documents that can be used to create a more accessible built environment. Be inspired to redesign our streets, spaces and places for people of all ages and abilities.

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Buffet Lunch

Reconvene in the gathering area for a buffet lunch and continue to build your professional community.

Immerse yourself in diverse conversations, share your ideas and propose solutions amongst Alberta’s safety codes community.

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Breakout Session #3

AMA Plumbing & Gas Technical Session

Get technical with the trends and innovation in the plumbing and gas disciplines. Municipal Affairs will be talking about the upcoming code changes.

Encapsulated Mass Timber: a new construction type for the 2020 NBC

Join Noah Fetterly as he discusses fire-related national building, and fire code changes related to the new construction type – Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction (EMTC). Learn about the ongoing fire research that is being conducted on mass timber construction.

Preparing Canada’s Infrastructure for Climate Change

This presentation focuses on CSA Group efforts in Climate Change adaptation and mitigation, including those associated with infrastructure, and the foundational Canadian Electrical Code series. Incorporating climate change considerations into standards and guidelines will help guide how infrastructure, and a variety of products and systems, are designed, built and operated to withstand more frequent and severe weather events, and support the safety and well-being of Canadians.

Universal Design Workshop

This structured activity will give you an opportunity to explore different Universal Designs and determine potential barriers to structures. Collaborate with other safety codes professionals, engage in critical thinking and generate new ideas in this hands-on workshop.


Networking Coffee Break

Participants gather together over coffee and snacks, sharing in learnings.

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Breakout Session #4

AMA Fire Technical Session

Get technical with the trends and innovation in the fire discipline. Municipal Affairs will be talking about the upcoming code changes.

Curriculum Modernization

Gain the knowledge from the Safety Codes Council on the innovative steps that are being taken to modernize the Safety Codes Officer curriculum. Discover what is new and what you can expect in furthering your education.

Modular Housing

Gain insight through Bryce’s MHAPP and modular housing experience and understand the practices pertaining to this industry. Gain membership demographics insight, as well as the importance of offering affordable housing in Alberta.

What Authentication to Look For, and What’s in a Name?

Learn about engineering authentication, while differentiating Professional Engineers, Professional Technologists and Professional Licensees. Understand the duties of APEGA and more about their procedures, expected processes and much more.


Networking Coffee Break

Participants gather together over coffee and snacks, sharing in learnings.

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Breakout Session #5

AMA Building Technical Session

Join Alberta Municipal Affairs Building Administrator, Paul Chang, as he walks through this building discipline session. Learn about some of the changes to the upcoming National Building Code – Alberta Edition, while reviewing interpretations of province wide variances on Codes and Standards. Discuss Technical changes, explore the Harmonization Project and gain insight into the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) regulation.

Fire Investigator Scene Safety

Join Scott Hanelt as he hosts a session on Fire Investigator Scene Safety and shares his expertise in fire investigations. Learn the importance of scene safety and understand the precautions in preventing further disaster from occurring.

Lightning Protection as a Building Safety System

Gain valuable insight from Simon Larter as he discusses Lightning Protection as an Building Safety System, through his experience and expertise.

Orders and Variances

The Safety Codes Council Accreditation team will walk you through the changes and advancements in Order and Variances within the Safety Codes Act.

5:30pm – 7:00pm

Evening Activities

Join us in the Tuscany Room for a buffet dinner, followed by live music and networking. This is a great opportunity to connect with safety codes professionals from across Alberta to share in industry stories in a relaxed atmosphere.


Friday October 20, 2023

7:00am – 8:30am

Buffet Breakfast

Pull up a chair, share in a nutritious buffet meal and enjoy a java amongst your peers.


Breakout Session #6

Administrative Penalty Program

Explore the Administrative Penalties Program’s relationship with the Safety Codes Act. Gain insight into the processes involved in penalty assessment for non-compliance. Join in on the discussion and ask the questions during this unique session by Municipal Affairs.

Energy Efficiency and beyond Changes to 9.36 and the increasing importance of Energy Advisors

Join Tyler Hermanson as he shares the upcoming changes to the NBC and NBC Alberta Edition in 9.36 Electrical Efficiency. Discover why more Registered Energy Advisors (R.EA)  are being consulted to navigate the complexity, while understanding how SCO’s can benefit from independent and qualified review provided by Energy Advisors, and the EnerGuide rating system.

Residential Energy Storage Systems Based on the 2021 CE Code

Gain insight to Residential Energy Storage Systems, based on the 2021 CE Code from this multiple subcommittee chairman, while understanding the pivotal role battery storage systems play in residential green energy storage systems.


Breakout Session #7

Applying Hydronic Heating Regulations

Join Dave Hughes as he discusses CSA B214 and how it fits within the building code and inspections. Specific topics include various installation components, proper installation, and workmanship. He will also talk about the differences with the Air-to-Water Heat Pumps in a hydronic system and adding new technology to an existing system.

CSA Standards A277, Z250 and Z252 for Prefabricated Buildings and Modular High-Rise Construction

Join Khaled Habib as he discusses standards for prefabricated buildings and modular high-rise construction.

Delivery Standards in the Building Discipline

Join Bill Crozier as he discusses Municipal Management Plans and the Technical Service Delivery Standards in the Building Discipline. Understand the compliance obligations of municipalities, along with design and field review collaboration requirements between owners and professionals pertaining to the Safety Codes Act.

Mass Timber Demonstration Fire Test Project: An Overview

Discover the outcomes of large-scale fire tests on mass timber structures as Marc Alam walks through the results of the Mass Timber Demonstration Fire Test Project (MTDFTP). Discuss the series of tests that led to the approval of tall and large mass timber buildings in Canada during this seminar.


Networking Coffee Break

Participants gather together over coffee and snacks, sharing in learnings.


Closing Session

A first of its kind at the Safety Codes Council’s Summit, the closing session will be a panel discussion with industry leaders and administrators discussing where they feel the safety codes system is heading. Understand their visions, the trends they are witnessing and how the safety codes system is contributing to the Alberta economy. Hear the 10 Summit 2023 Takeaways from Peter Brown and get in on the door prizes!

12:00pm – 1:00pm


Grab and go, or stay and continue to network. Boxed lunch will be served as we wrap up the Safety Codes Council Summit 2023!

* Schedule, subject to change